Lexicon Services is one of the fastest growing translation
companies in the world, providing high quality, professional
translation services to corporate clients and private
individuals far and wide. Thanks to our community of more than
5000 certified translators and a stringent translation process
which exceeds industry standards, we provide a unique platform
that ensures our clients gain access to accurate, human
translations around the clock. Accuracy and precision is the
hallmark by which Lexicon Services is known. The
implementation of our unique Translation Management System
ensures the highest degree of consistency in all translation
projects we undertake. Lexicon Services is capable of
delivering high quality, timely translations in more than 150
languages, while offering unparalleled customer service and
the most cost-effective rates in the industry. Using our "best
practices" operating model, we are chosen over many other
translation companies due to our efficiency and consistent
level of accuracy. Whether it's a Certificate and Diploma
Translation or any small phrases translation, you will always
get a top quality translation of any kind of personal
document. Our translation services are tailor-made to every
individual need. All translation are carried out
professionally with excellent turnaround times. Our qualified
translators work hard to give you the translation you need now
and in the future.


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